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An eBook with a video!

That’s right, due to having over 200 exercises I just had to demonstrate them with a walk through video.

What do you need? Dumbbells...

How heavy? This isn’t a challenge of how heavy you can lift, buy my other book for that! This is for home workouts and LIGHT dumbbells.

What else? The attitude you need to step up your game! Seriously, this is a challenge to complete but guess what? You have planned rest days, you have the option of saying I can’t do it today but I WILL START AGAIN TOMORROW!

This hit the internet in the first lockdown 2019... Wow how strange does that feel knowing we are in lockdown... what number is it now? Feel’s like lockdown 8! Let’s divert from that, but keep it in mind slightly. Why do I say that? Because YOU need to motivate YOU, especially during a lockdown! Your brain, your muscles, your every fibre NEEDS stimulating. So for a small price why not invest in a product you can look at which CAN help motivate you! I’ll tell you why, because everyone that’s bought it has loved it! Yes, I‘ve had personal email’s from the success stories of not only getting through 30 days of being motivated, but weight loss, muscle gain, focus, a reason to get up early. I’ve even had someone say “Matt, honestly I just needed something to give me a break from the kids, just 10-20 minutes per day and this eBook did exactly that”... And guess what, Alison also added she is that pumped from it she has continued to use the 30 day challenge for a further 2 months!


So this is what to expect....

A full walk through for everything you need, a video demonstrating every exercise and your exercise of the day!

Does it get harder? Of course it does!

Can you miss a day? Yes, we are all human. This is simply a challenge to keep you focused for the next 30 days.

Can you start it on the 14th of the month? Honestly now it doesn’t have to be a Monday or the 1st of the month. Do you know what they are? Excuses! Don’t make an excuse, click the link

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