Welcome to the Awaken Functional Strength programme,


Imagine walking into the gym excited and knowing exactly what to do for the next 3 months. We love getting to work with new clients locally and online around the world, so If you want to truly challenge your functional movement patterns and layer it into a new level of strength for other exercises and movement, you are in the right place. Each week, the program will build on itself, be sure to log your progress and see how you respond. 


This program will challenge you to become aware of the way you move. The attitude here is not to be “lift no matter what”. We are not out to destroy the body, we are taking the experience of Functional Strength Training movement and learning about our bodies vocabulary. We will combine slower movements with others performed at the same time, some with speed. A blend of higher and lower intensity so you can feel all those little muscles and joints working together. 


Once you complete this programme you will find your squats are stronger, balance is improved, confidence is higher, muscle tone in new areas, a stronger core and more knowledge on training principles. Personal needs, goals, and approach are highly diverse to each athlete so performing these advanced exercises you need to be aware they are meant to be challenging. 



Online Training Programmes:


  • Awaken Functional Strength is an 12-week programme that uses Functional Bodybuilding to develop control, strength, and skill, and reignite your passion for training. 

  • 30 Day Dumbbell Fitness Challenge eBook

  • 12 Week Strength Guide eBook

  • 8 Week Bodybuilding programme coming soon


More programmes to follow...

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Barbell, rack, and plates, Pull-up bar, Selection of dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands, Bench (adjustable), Jump Rope, Battle rope, Bosu ball, Rower. TRX.