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My highly anticipated Strength Guide!

This is 12 weeks of pure raw strength building which incorporates both bodybuilding and Olympic lifting to ensure your on the right path to a stronger YOU! Also a more defined you, yes that person in the mirror CAN be more defined through strength training!

Okay this is how it works, you will have a protocol to perform which will help reduce injury and warm up the body correctly in preparation for exercise. You will then be taken through a series of exercises which do change on a weekly basis but the key main lifts will STAY to ensure progression is made in those key areas.


WOW! I know right! Different to how you imaged? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised as I’ve bought many fitness eBooks for research and personal challenges over the years from sports athletes I regard as “Top Of The Game” and they don’t look like this! Your usually thrown into the deep end with no explanation and just a load of fancy exercises you have to google all day! Plus all original images of yours truly! Vain you may say, but honestly I just wanted to produce something I don’t just believe in as a product but one which represents me. Your buying into my knowledge and reassurance you WILL gain strength from this! So by believing in it so much I just had to put my face to it! Plus its a bargain for £30! Yep that’s it, a small price to pay to have 12 weeks fully mapped out for YOU!

The truth is, and get ready for this! Anyone can write a programme which has you crying for no more and sweating calories through the eye lids... But ask yourself this, are they functional? Do they work long term? Are they safe? Are they set up in a way you can reuse them? Are they even written by an educated and qualified athlete that fully understands individual needs and progression in the right way?

Sadly most of the time the understanding of strength and conditioning is highly misunderstood, the meaning of someone being an individual is also shockingly misunderstood. Progression also another massive misunderstanding, many sadly think by adding weight each week is all the progress you need! This is why I have used a specific undulating formula to anticipate your reps and sets building up your 1RM over a 12 week period. It is a guide aimed towards experienced athletes with 1-3 years of weight lifting experience.

Want to know more? Think click the link NOW!

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