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Let's get to the foot of the problem..

👣 Foot pain is a delayed signal for problems in your feet! 👣

Our feet can take a lot of punishment before they reach a breaking point. Foot pain is often a very delayed signal when it comes to foot dysfunction so waiting for it to appear is a silly way of dealing with the problem, same goes for general mobility and flexibility of your joints and muscles.

Instead of waiting until your feet hurt, start taking care of your feet right now.

Step outside the modern day comforts and conveniences that are breaking us down! . Your body has everything it needs to function optimally, remember that!

Here are some basic ways to get started:

- Spend time barefoot. Start in the house and eventually venture outdoors. This might seem simple but it is immensely powerful to feel the ground without a barrier!

- Switch to natural footwear that is wide, foot shaped, flat, flexible and has a thin sole.

- Wean yourself off your orthotics by working on your foot mobility and strength everyday (spending time barefoot does both of these). Orthotics are crutches for the feet - you shouldn’t be using them forever!

👣 Start taking care of your feet and your feet will take care of you! 👣

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