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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

What is your story to tell?

Ask yourself this, are you living that story now or simply waiting for the good stuff to happen?

I’m boring...

I haven’t got the time...

The good stuff happened years ago...

These are completely normal conscious feelings that we have everyday, they can also control us simply because we allow them to. After all it is feelings which control our decisions in life, think of food for an example... okay, so your hungry and your thinking what should I eat? Your asking yourself what do I feel will satisfy my taste? Choosing food is simply a feeling and a great one at that, when we consume food it produces a chemical reaction within the body and can work for us or against us in many ways. So the next time your hungry, try this... Think “I want to explore my taste buds”, now close your eyes and think what would you enjoy without any sauce, or herbs or marinade, now you have your basics build on top with adding herbs, sauces etc. Just by breaking down your feeling of hunger can help your decision making, after all it is YOUR choice. Don’t follow routine, explore.

Stories are deeper than feelings, they are the blueprint of who we are, some will identity us which make you who you are and some are what other’s will say or think.

So for this weeks topic (Confidence) I want YOU to ask yourself this question, “If I had all the confidence I needed what would I do with that confidence?” Now for your weekly task.

Step 1... Grab a sheet of paper or phone/tablet

Step 2... Write out the words “I am confident with,”

Step 3... Now finish the sentence and repeat Step 2 a further 10 times.

You are now left with 10 things you rank as your identity. This list can quite possibly produce different results on what you perceive as a good day or a bad day but ask yourself this, “what is on that list you like and what would you change right now?

Confidence is a choice we make, it is a choice we need to consciously make every chance we get and like anything else with repetition... It gets easier! Yes confidence can be easy and no there isn’t anyone that was just born confident! Just like lifting weights the more we do it the easier it will get!

If this has inspired you to make a change email me ( and let me know what it is you are going to change and more importantly, how will you make yourself accountable for this new change in self confidence.

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