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What I found has helped me and so many others is;

Creating a vision board

Mind mapping



Smart goals

Daily journal

Logging weekly wins and weekly gratitude

I’ve done all these and I’ve even taken a level 2 counselling course which truly opened up my mind. I’ve also sat in on counselling sessions for personal growth, decision making and mental health.

Are you ready to grow? Okay we need to do a few things, but one thing I want to stress is NOT to take on too much and over think things. When we spend time overthinking things we can get distracted, feel overwhelmed and what sets in... Self doubt, procrastination and goal killing!

So let’s start with small building blocks. Pick one which really resonates with you right now. Me personally it’s a journal, this helps me better plan my day, I write down what iv’e done, what I’m great full for, what I can do better next week along with weekly tasks and weekly wins. This is important to me as it’s an easy way to keep my focus, help the accountability in a productive way and a release some endorphins when I start writing down the weekly wins. I love my journal as it’s also got a mind map and vision board on the front pages. It’s even got a calendar which I love as I can prioritise important dates like social events, date nights and fun stuff. If we take time out of our day to plan, wow it’s a game changer! Stop looking at social media for ideas and think on what you truly want out of life.

This weeks task is SMART goals:

Step one... Pen and paper, tablet or phone

Step two... Decide on a short term, medium or long term goal.

Step three... Write out your goal using this below

S - Specific in depth description

M - Measurable, what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. So include gratitude, happiness, joy, progress and meaning.

A - Achievable, so reality goals, you’ve got to be honest with your goal setting.

R - Relevant to only you, reflect on satisfaction and pleasure.

T - Time frame which is the motivator!

... Review it regularly

Remember that saying “you’ve got to learn to walk before you run” you’ve always got to earn the right to progress. Email me your smart goal ( Let’s make it happen.

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