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The reason I said pause is because by taking a moment you can better access your feeling. Once you have explored these feelings in more depth you can better prepare yourself to move forward. I personally love exploring these feelings, finding the roots of why and where the manifested and seeing how to overcome the anxiety, self confidence, fear and doubt. If you get stuck festering in your feelings you can easily sink and it can be quick, but you need to face these feelings. I recently listened to an audible book called “The 5 second rule” by Mel Robbins, I highly recommend the book if you feel the need to understand how to act quickly when anxiety tends to build up. She explains a great deal of how taking on this rule can make huge changes to your life.

If you have been doing your weekly tasks this month you should now have a better understanding of who you are and what YOU want!

This weeks task

Step 1... Take out all your tasks for this month

Step 2... Read them start to finish

Step 3... Read them one more time

Step 4... Take a moment and reflect on these changes you’ve made.

Now do you feel more powerful? More confident? Less anxious? More inclined to take on new risks? Yes? Absolutely yes! If your struggling don’t worry, this is normal because it takes 13 weeks to create a new habit but only 2 weeks to break one. So that being said you now know you’ve only got just 2 more months of plugging away, reading and acting upon these blogs to feel your new POWER!

I’d like you to email me ( with what you believe is your biggest take away from this month’s tasks. I’m truly excited to hear what you’ve got to say.

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