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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

When it comes to a risk we tend to determine it’s level and quickly refer to our comfort zone! You sometimes ask yourself these questions...

If I were to risk it, what will be my reward? What will be my return? Is my comfort zone safer? Do I even have the ability? Am I really ready to ask for that promotion?

I can’t do that, I will fuck it up!

Sound familiar?

Following this month’s topic we are bringing in the level of risk. Do you confront things and use the conclusion it‘s just a lack of confidence more than risk? This is easy to fix as it’s only a habit and it does NOT control you. Feelings are habits and like any bad habit we just need to take the necessary steps to change it. Try to confront these by addressing them as excuses of fear and face this fear with confidence. Many of us feel the need to predict the outcome of risk, this is normal and in some ways a sensible thing to do, but it’s being clever by truly understanding your assessment of risk. Most of the time it is just an assessment of fear or lack of ability/confidence.

This weeks task...

Step 1... Get a sheet of paper, phone or tablet

Step 2... Write these words, “I fear the risk of”

Step 3... Continue writing with something which you feel is too risky but is important to only YOU! Then repeat this process another 2 times.

What will be your reward for taking on each new risk? Is this going to be a positive return? Is the risk worth taking for your future goals? Have you been faced with this same risk over and over?

The critical and very important part of this is convincing yourself of your own ability. If you can conquer this feeling of risk and your own ability you can truly accomplish great things. I know all too well how hard it is when your feeling confused with your own mind, oh my god which inner voice is the right one? I can promise you this though, stop that noise and all the clutter for a moment and tell yourself... “I AM A CONFIDENT PERSON” I know saying it and believing it can be polar opposite to one another so stay with me here. I will give you one more promise and that is to never approach something with “I will try”, those words are already giving you an excuse to quit. Just say the words “I AM CONFIDENT” try it now, repeat this 3 times whenever you face your fear of risk and then see how you feel. I bet you feel at least 1% more confident, once you learn how to turn off certain feelings and changing your habits you CAN take the approach to face what you see as a risk with confidence! By the way, it’s scientifically backed saying the words I am confident 3 times or more does improve your confidence. I will find the data if you need this proof, but I assure you after you try it, you’ll just know, you’ll feel uplifted and most importantly, start believing in yourself!

Email me your 3 Step process and let me know what your fearful of taking on and why you label it as a risk. (

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