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Do you experience a feeling of fear more frequently than you’d like?

Fear is a completely natural feeling to experience, but do you know that you can beat any fear? A simple secret which we rarely or never think of doing is to face that fear head on, by facing that fear your now confronting your emotions. This is a huge thing to ask many people so take a look at this weeks simple tasks which could help the process.

Yes some situations require some questionable level of uncertainty, no doubt a degree of cautiousness but dont confuse it with fear.

Fear attracts. The more you fear guess what? Yep the deeper that fear gets!

If you knew you couldn’t fail at the thing you are fearful of would you actually be scared to take that leap? No!

Okay so simple steps

Step 1... Grab some paper, your mobile or tablet

Step 2... Write just 5 things you are fearful of

Step 3... Then reflect on your answers with what I’ve said below.

Which one stand out to you? Why does it stand out? Are you sure you can’t conquer these fears? I’ll ask that one again, are you sure you can’t conquer these fears? Label them from 1-5 in rank. Now pick one of those, maybe start off with the small one, or go big, choose number 1! Now make yourself accountbile for it by saying to yourself I’m making a start today. It’s that simple, your now making a plan. Yes your designing your own formula to conquer this fear, how amazing is that! Nobody is doing this for you, your in control of this, I believe in you! Once you have finished with your plan go at do it, do it now if you can. In order for this to work you have to act quickly, don’t let it wait too long because why? The fear of it not working will build and then what? It becomes a risk and your confidence of taking that risk will outweigh your winning formula. I personally love taking on my fears because in doing so I’ve accomplished great things, things I wouldn’t have done, experienced and loved if I just listened to the thoughts of fear, risk and low confidence. The thrill by the way, the journey of taking on these things, it’s amazing! Don’t deprive yourself of these fear endorphins!

Email me your 5 most fearful things and tell me which one your going to do first and why you would like to conquer this fear (

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