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Firstly bad news wherever you are in the world right now as you’ve been forced to drastically change your lifestyle from what it was in 2019, I know mine has!

It’s still hard for me to imagine this virus has forced thousands of gyms and fitness facilities to close!

THE GOOD NEWS, is that it’s not really that hard to at least maintain your fitness from home if you do it right. I always say for the people who need daily motivation and have access to light dumbbells to do my 30 DAY DUMBBELL FITNESS CHALLENGE This will help retain and build fitness levels. However, My new eBook 12 WEEK STRENGTH GUIDE which will be available for purchase next week will focus on strength.

I have included my top 3 strength days to build your 1RM and condition your body to move more functional and with intent! It is a 3 day rotation programme which will alter week by week but keep some of the core exercises to monitor progression. My method is simple, gain strength, move better and lift with a programme which will get you feeling ache’s you never had before! Although I still live by the concept of the “no pain, no gain” is BS, pain can be temporary but it can also last a lifetime, this is why I don’t recommend this eBook for beginners as you need to be familiar with these exercises before you perform them! I have included only 3 days per week but you know your own body best, if your an experienced athlete you will know what your recovery rate is.

I know times are challenging for millions of people right now, particularly if you’ve lost your job and worried about money. Worried you need a personal trainer and a programme but can’t afford them both. One thing I encourage you to do first is take care of your finances and then YOU! Your health is more important than anyone else’s as you simply can’t help other’s if your not fit enough emotionally, physically and mentally. This is why this eBook can help YOU! You are left accountable but you will quickly realise if you miss a day or try to skip a day the programme won’t allow you to progress for the desired repetitions and percentages of load. This programme is your motivation, it will build strength, it will keep you challenged, it will be something you can repeat every 12 weeks for a one time purchase!

As always I am willing to answer any questions you may have via email

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