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Even the legends struggle.

Even the legends and the best of us struggle at times, when life or that little voice of doubt throws you a curveball then it's up to YOU to take it in and plan what to do. Sometimes that plan is hard and we fall back into the same daily habits and routines which make us feel safe, that safety net may have lots of little holes of doubt which one day may break into a hole so big you fall through, it may send you in a whole world of self pity, depression, low esteem and regret.

If your feeling the change or that little voice is still or starting to become louder and stronger then DM me and let me see if we can help combat that. It's important to exercise our minds as well as our bodies, I have had training in support, counselling, behaviour and all sorts of courses when I spent my days as a career. I have a great understanding and implement that into my support with your programs in the gym. I'm only an email away or sometimes clients prefer texting.

The gym isn't just about fitness, it's a social activity, countless goal setting achievements, fitness, health and wellbeing, opportunity to make new friends, a place to leave your stresses and learn something new about yourself. It's a positive place to be in your life.

Let me help you reach your peak of fitness and let's combat that little voice of self doubt and like Muhammad Ali says "live the rest of your life as a champion."

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