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Build that booty!

Why do we need buns of steel?

The gluteus are a prime movers for extending the hips whilst running and walking, so we obviously need them to move... but can we still move if they are weak and dysfunctional? The answer is yes! This comes with a strong but and not the kind of butt you want, the stresses and loads will then be transferred to other muscles and joints such as the knees causing big issues down the line. The gluteus should be one of the strongest muscles in the body, remember that when you try the exercises below.

Ever see some elderly doing the pensioner shuffle? Well to be fair I call it the pensioner shuffle as it's usually that generation who shuffle across the floor, but this is hugely down to dysfunctional gluteus, stiff ankles and lacking a little confidence. The other thing will be the sensory blockers on their feet... The thick padded soles they tend to wear stop any feedback from the texture and terrain they are walking on, that calls for another blog, we won't go into that today.

The absolute worst type of trainer to wear on any occasion. Classic case of fashion before functional necessity.

Do not squat in these! EVER

How to build a bigger bum... Lift challenging weights on specific exercises

How to tone your bum... This is a byproduct of building muscle, the more muscle we gain the more tone is developed, you can't have one without the other.

How to start building booty gains... stretch, oddly stretching is something you will 100% need to do before you start

Step 1: spend 30-45 seconds on the Couch stretch, lizard lunge and pigeon stretch.

Step 2: mobility drills, spend 10-15 reps on 90/90 knee drops & ankle drops, 90/90 alternating side to side, 90/90 extensions, squat to stand, donkey kicks.

Step 3: the workout

Step 4: Repeat step 1 spending 60-90 seconds per stretch

I have provided some useful links to get you started below, but if you use the blueprint above you'll notice a big difference in your results. I know stretching and mobility work can be boring but if you haven't got the full range of movement needed for any exercise your limiting and prolonging your results.

Want quicker results? Do the stretches and the mobility work.

My YouTube playlist for mobility and stretching;

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