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Selective programming

One common question I get asked is, “Should I perform all working sets at the same weight or should I progress the load on each set?”

Okay, so when you use a tempo and rep range you should be looking at loading on great mechanics. This means possibly stripping back the loads you think are your usual selected weight, and lift something lighter to achieve correct mechanical movement. Sure there are times when “correct” mechanics can be challenged and you need to deviate from “perfect form” but this should only be done when your programme demands it. An example of this would be when a high level Strongman athlete is attempting close to their competition weight in their strongman programme.

I will sometimes prescribe increased weight or percentages in my programmes with online clients and very frequently for clients in my facility, but for the purpose of the above question I wouldn’t include them. You will feel different every single day, so if you were to read an 80% formula of you 1RM today, it may not effect your central nervous system in the same way as it would on a different day. The greatest tool I have learned is to listen to my body, this is why YOU should always ask yourself are you feeling 100% today, before you train.

You have to simply earn the right to go heavy! If your nutrition, sleep and mindset is not 100% and your programme isn’t right then your simply lost and potentially ego lifting!

If you haven’t done your homework with sleep, nutrition, programming and effective recovery, then simply just move with purpose, lower the loads and focus on technique. Moments like this you will be your own guide for selecting sensible loads, remember the following week if you have a similar mindset you can increase the load and work to build an effective programme. When you consider all the above factors you should be able to best judge when you should increase your working weight.

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