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1 week out from the UKBFF British Finals!

Currently 69.2kg, 1 week out from my weigh in at the UKBFF British Finals. I’m bang on target! It’s been incredibly hard to maintain and improve on what I’ve tried so hard to do naturally.

Food prepping and training on my own 24/7 with no rest for excuse right from 6am January the 1st this year! ⏰👀👊🏻

I have always had the desire to be on stage, last year I told myself I need this, I need to push and challenge myself to prove to myself I can achieve any goal I set if I simply apply 100% effort everyday. My goal was to become top 3 of classic physique in the UKBFF Welsh Championships 2017. I looked at myself with the most constructive criticism I could possibly give at 6 weeks out. I tell all my clients each goal has to be realistic but challenging. So with that I looked in the mirror and said I want more, not more size, more depth in my definition and to achieve that I’m going to have to compete in the under 70kg class! A true brutal challenge to drop that much weight whilst still maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible. Well, I entered and achieved, I came 3rd and invited to the finals. I’m literally giving this prep everything I have. I train myself and food prep everything myself day in day out.

I only hold myself responsible for my strengths and weaknesses. My voice is loud and clear pushing me everyday, DON’T GIVE UP!

This prep has been mostly zero carbs until I’ve completed weight training for the day. It’s not an easy task by all means, I have my carbs in one sitting which could be as late as 4/5pm and only 90g.

My fiancée has been my rock through all of this, hearing of the detail day in day out of how I feel and what I trained that day. I am so fortunate to have such a loving partner through this triumphant battle of emotions and mood swings. I truly believe I couldn’t have made it this far without her. It’s important to surround yourself with those who wish to see you improve and not fail in life. We are all here to help each other succeed in life, we are all the same deep down with our insecurities and imperfections. You owe it to yourself to improve and become a better you!

Always believe and always put in 100% effort!

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