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Meet Gemma,

So in a positive step she started with a personal training course to help educate herself in fitness, but due to chronic pain and fatigue disorders she decided to choose the path of nutrition and guess what? She found the secret...she finally understood why those diets didn't work. She understood why trying every single fad diet out there wasn't a sustainable way of living and won't keep you happy or healthy!

"I need help, I need educating, I want to love food!"

Sound familiar?

"I want to share my knowledge and personal experience with as many people as possible, prevent them from spending a lot of money, time and energy on diets that won’t make them happy long term. I will help you gain the insight of how to sustain a long term relationship with food, feel happy and healthier. Through my coaching I can help you control your weight whilst also enjoying the finer things in life." - Gemma

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