Hey, I'm Matt!

I am a qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and qualified in sports massage therapy. I have always been passionate about improving functional movements, using a tailored strength and conditioning process.


I have a great deal of experience in competitive bodybuilding, strongman and powerlifting. I have qualified in many federations over the three varied sports, going as far as the British finals with an invite to compete at the world finals.


My continued passion has allowed me to work alongside hundreds of clients, giving me an insight of how individual every clients needs are. On some occasions, a clients hormonal aspect may be affecting their ability to reach their desired fitness goal, so after advising them to have a blood test we can work with the doctor and ensure their programme is specifically tailored to get their training back on track.


Helping others has always been my core value, which has led me to building my own private facility, dedicated to improving the health and fitness of clients on an individual level. At the Reach Your Peak Facility Centre, myself and the team can truly help you *'Reach Your Peak'* in fitness, health and overall wellbeing.

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Archway Reflexolgy are proud to be associated with Matt at the Reach Your Peak Facility.


Archway owner, Pauline Lamb, is a highly skilled holistic therapist who is fully qualified and experienced in all the treatments offered.


Whether you need to relax, repair or revitalise, Pauline will treatments specific to your needs.


Looking after ourselves is so important. To help you on this road, Archway offers a range of holistic therapies within the facility on a Monday and Wednesday.


Appointments can be made by prior arrangement between 10 and 4 on these days.


  • Treatment prices are Reflexology £40

  • Reiki £35

  • Indian Head Massage £30 


These therapies are very popular so booking a week or 2 in advance is advise.



Meet Gemma,

From a very young age Gemma has always wanted to help others, she was a carer for over 11 years and loved it but something was missing. She was limited in her job role and like many, working varied shift patterns and not planning meals, she built an unhealthy relationship with food and an eating disorder which became her way of life. Gemma isn't ashamed to say that there were times where she would barely eat, over eat, binge or even purge! But more than anything she wanted to look like one of 'those' fitness models.


So in a positive step she started with a personal training course to help educate herself in fitness, but due to chronic pain and fatigue disorders she decided to choose the path of nutrition and guess what? She found the secret...she finally understood why those diets didn't work. She understood why trying every single fad diet out there wasn't a sustainable way of living and won't keep you happy or healthy!


"I need help, I need educating, I want to love food!"


Sound familiar?


"I want to share my knowledge and personal experience with as many people as possible, prevent them from spending a lot of money, time and energy on diets that won’t make them happy long term. I will help you gain the insight of how to sustain a long term relationship with food, feel happy and healthier. Through my coaching I can help you control your weight whilst also enjoying the finer things in life." - Gemma

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Hi, I'm Hannah,

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