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This page I have dedicated to some of the competitions and different sports I've competed in. I wanted to give the opportunity to share a full background of who I am, what I've done and what I do.

My Story

Hello, I'm Matt!

As a qualified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, I'm passionate about enhancing functional movements through personalised strength and conditioning programmes. I'm also trained in sports massage therapy.

With extensive experience in competitive bodybuilding, strongman, and powerlifting, I've qualified in multiple federations and even made it to the British finals with an invitation to compete at the world finals.

Working with hundreds of clients has given me an insight into the individual needs of each person. In some cases, a client's hormonal imbalances can affect their ability to achieve their desired fitness goals. After advising them to undergo a blood test, we can work with their doctor to tailor their program and get their training back on track.

Helping others is my core value, which inspired me to establish my private facility, the Reach Your Peak Facility Centre, solely dedicated to improving clients' health and fitness on an individual level. Our team and I are committed to helping you 'Reach Your Peak' in fitness, health, and overall well-being.


I have an impressive track record in competitive bodybuilding, with multiple trophies under my belt. My journey began in 2014 with NABBA, where I entered my first competition and was quickly overshadowed by the other contestants. Undeterred, I took time to work on building a bigger physique and returned in 2017, where I placed third in Wales with the UKBFF and went on to compete in the British Finals. Despite my efforts, my lack of size held me back, and I felt like I went unnoticed. But I didn't give up. In 2019, I made a triumphant comeback, placing 3rd in the IBFA Mr Liverpool, 1st in Porthmadog, 5th in the IBFA Finals, 4th in the PCA, and 2nd in the FMU Manchester. Finally, I knew I had the physique needed to excel in the sport and even found the class that best suited me. I had planned to make another comeback in 2021, but due to the pandemic, I had to put my bodybuilding aspirations on hold. However, my passion for fitness led me to try out Olympic lifting and eventually Crossfit, where I continue to challenge myself every day.






After completing one of my bodybuilding competitions in 2017, I realised I had retained a lot of strength from my off-season phase. Despite weighing only 75kg, I felt capable of lifting heavy weights and decided to try powerlifting. With the help of a coach, I worked on improving my deadlift technique and competed in a qualifier for the IBFU drug-tested federation. To my surprise, I qualified for the British Finals in Birmingham. With fierce determination and mental strength, I pushed myself to lift the selected weights, resulting in a 3rd place win in Britain and an invitation to the world championships in France. Although I took the competition seriously and gave it my all, I knew I couldn't improve in time to compete at the world level.




When I took a break from bodybuilding, I decided to try out strongman competitions and it turned out to be the most enjoyable experience ever! Unlike powerlifting or bodybuilding, the community in strongman is incredibly supportive, with everyone cheering each other on. In my first competition, I placed 15th out of 30, but I kept training and improving. In the 2019 competition, I even snagged third place! But what really surprised me was when I decided to compete in a local competition just for fun and ended up placing 4th, only a point away from 3rd! I excelled in endurance and recovery, but struggled with overhead pressing. Even though I don't plan on competing in strongman anymore, I'll never forget the adrenaline rush of the truck pull and Atlas stones, and the camaraderie of the strongman community.






My first Crossfit Open once was in 2022. However, I feel fully committed to competing in this sport for many years to come. It was one of the most challenging things I've ever put my body through, but that's exactly why I love it. With CrossFit, there's no room for doubt, it's 100% effort and focus to be the better you. I'm proud of my performance in the competition, but I know I can do even better in 2023. To achieve my goals, I never cut corners when it comes to recovery, training, and nutrition. Every moment of discipline is worth it to me, and I embrace the process with enthusiasm.



PT Fitness games

The Pairs Edition featured Four main events that served as qualifying rounds for the Final Showdown.

Event 1 began with a 28/40 calorie row, followed by 25 Dumbbell Squats with weights of either 10kg for the women and 15kg for the men, 25 Dumbbell Deadlifts at same weight, and 25 bodyweight burpees.

Event 2 involved pairs rowing 500 meters each, then completing Dumbbell Box Step-Ups on a 20-inch Plyo Box with weights of 10kg for the women and 15kg for the men. Max reps on the step ups for a score before the time cap stopped.

Event 3 was an eight-minute AMRAP consisting of 10 shuttle runs at 7.5 meters, 20 synchronised Dumbbell Push Presses 10/15kg, and 20 burpee step-ups to a 20-inch Plyo Box.

Event 4 was a six-minute window in which pairs could build up to a heavy five-rep max deadlift.

Finally The Showdown was 40 Reps on the skipping rope, 30 Box Jump overs on a 20 inch ply box and 20 Deadball over the shoulder at 15kg. 

We placed 2nd before the showdown and finished 3rd place at the end. I was sick after Event 1, 2 & 3 trying to push my body to its limit... I wanted that trophy. One of my favourite competitions to date, very well organised, the set up was incredible, every box ticked. Everyone was members of the gym so it had a real sense of community and support.

PT Fitness scores 2022 Pairs addition.HEIC
PT Fitness 2022.JPG


Podium PT Fitness 2022.JPG


This is my second time participating in the Crossfit Open. However, the most challenging part was on the final day when I had to tackle double unders. These proved to be just as difficult as last year, and I realized that I hadn't put in enough effort to improve my skills. Despite this setback, I gave it my all and made some progress compared to last year. It's hard to make a direct comparison since the exercises were different, but I did manage to achieve a personal best on the second day by lifting 85kg for a 1 RM Thruster. When I checked the leader board, I found that my performance was similar to last year, which was reassuring given the increase in the number of participants this year (an additional 6522 Men took part world-wide of which 183 were 35-39).

2023 crossfit open.JPG
CCF with Zoe 23.3.JPG



This finals event takes place Saturday 27th April 2024 

MaxOut will be held at the Trinity Sports College, Greater Manchetser 

Workout 1

Time Cap: 7 minutes

1k row

Directly into >

40/30 synchro burpees

Directly into >

Remaining Time max banded pull ups (partner must be hanging) 33

Workout 2a



Deadlift / Hang Clean / GTOH @50kg

Workout 2b

Partner A 3 RM STOH - 77.5kg Ollie

Partner B 1 Clean + 5 Front Squats + 1 STOH - 85kg Matt

Workout 3

For Time 7 minute Cap

2 rounds

50 Single Unders

20 GTOH 50kg

25 Deadlifts 50kg

30 Box jump overs 24 inch



Ollie and I recently competed together in Ollie's first CrossFit competition as partners, and we were thrilled to place 3rd! It was an incredible experience seeing Ollie tackle the challenges with such determination and skill. Working as a team, we pushed each other to new limits, and our hard work paid off. Standing on the podium was a proud moment, marking the beginning of many more competitions to come.

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